THC and CBD Ratios in Medical Cannabis 

When you first begin the fun journey of taking medical cannabis, you’ll probably notice the words THC, CBD, cannabinoids, and even the ratios on a lot of different medical cannabis products. It can be a lot, but it’s simpler than you’d think. It’s a lot to take in, but in this, we’ll go over each of these, the different parts of what they are going to do to you exactly, and what the ratios for all of this actually means, and the reason why this is very important. 


THC and CBD are two of the main cannabinoids, but the ratios do vary based on the types of plants that are there. THC Binds directly to the receptors that are CB1 within your brain, and that’s responsible for the high that you get. CBD in contrast only binds with the CB1 receptors when there is THC there, but it does not create a high. However, it can impact other endocannabinoid elements. They are combined together into various ratios, and this does impact how effective the product is, and the highs that you get, along with other effects. It’s come a long way, so the right ratio does help with the conditions that you have. 

The Ratios 

The ratios of this do determine how much of each product there is in there. So if you get a product that’s 1:1 it’s got the equal levels of both THC and CBD. But some people are moving away from just making this balanced, and instead are creating products that have more THC to create a bigger high. That means that CBD has been put on the backburner, even though it can offer a ton of great properties as well. 

There are growers that do the opposite though, and it’s really important to understand that there are actually benefits behind those ratios being much higher in CBD. 

The Best Ratios for Pain 

If you have pain, it actually can be beneficial to have one that’s higher in CBD than THC. Some people like the 10:1 or the 10: 1 versions of the CBD to THC ratios. Now, if you’ve got neuropathic pain, THC is actually really good for this, and having a more balanced version is better.For chronic pain, or really bad pain, you want something that’s high in THC, so you may go for a CBD/THC ratio of 1:10 or even 1:20 if you’re someone who needs this. 

What about Anxiety 

Anxiety is pretty different for every single person. Anxiety is something that can be treated with marijuana, but it is biphasic. For small amounts, it can reduce it, especially if you go for a 1:1 sort of version of this, but if you have really severe anxiety, very low amounts of THC and higher CBD might be better. Ideally, either go balanced, or more CBD than THC if you’re going to use a product for this. 

Insomnia Ratios 

The cool thing about insomnia is that it works well with both high THC and high CBD ratios, especially those that can offer the couch lock experience.The problem, however, is that THC can make your insomnia worse, and it can make you feel more stressed or anxious in some of the people who use this.

That’s why, more CBD than THC might be the better option if you’re dealing with insomnia. The best way to determine the right ratio for you is to try it yourself, and also to ask a doctor about the best types of ratios for each of these that you can try.